SC ALEPANERE SRL is the owner of the site and all its sub-domains. SC ALEPANERE SRL is a legal person with its registered office in Sat Floresti, Floresti Commune Strada RAZOARE no. 162 A, Scale 1, Apartment 10, Jud. Cluj, with registration number at the Trade Register J12 / 3289/2017 and unique fiscal registration code 37691932. SC ALEPANERE SRL reserves the right to modify this document and any content on the aforementioned website without any notification from users. By browsing this site, users must accept their terms and conditions of use.

Through this site, SC ALEPANERE SRL wants to present the products that this company produces and offers the users the possibility to order them online, their payment being made so far exclusively refund on delivery. The products that SC ALEPANERE SRL promotes are represented by different types of food that customers can order at home.

How do I order?

To order a product from the site, you must add the desired product to the basket, choose the desired quantity and fill in the following information: address, first name, first name, email. All this is necessary to be able to identify you when you place an order and to be able to inform you about the status of your order. After this step, you will need to fill in additional information about yourself that will be used for delivery and billing (company name, CIF, address, complementary address, postal code, locality, telephone). We assure you that all data entered will be used for the purpose of delivering our products to you, and refusal to provide all such data will render our services impossible for you. There is also the possibility of creating an account where you will be asked for different information such as: name, first name, email, password and date of birth. By creating an account on the website users agree to the terms and conditions of use of this site. Thus, the users are entirely responsible for keeping the password safe and for the behavior they have regarding the use of the site. If users notice suspicious behavior on their account, they must notify us as soon as possible.

When you complete an order, you can use the data from the creation of your billing account or add new billing data. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data transmitted to us is real and accurate. An placed order is also the fact that you assume that you will pay for the ordered products and any shipping costs.

Payment methods

The payment of the ordered products from the website will be refunded, when the products are delivered.

Delivery of products

The products will be delivered during the time communicated following an email confirmation of the order placed on the website When completing an order, the customer agrees to pay the value of the products. The minimum order is 30 lei and the transport is free. We reserve the right not to honor orders that do not reach the minimum amount of 30 lei for an order. Orders placed on the website will be honored only if the delivery address is in Cluj-Napoca. All orders whose delivery address is outside Cluj-Napoca have other minimum order values.

Limitation of liability

SC ALEPANERE SRL and its collaborators are not guilty and cannot be held liable for any damages or damages brought to you or to the devices on which you use the website due to improper use or if errors, interruptions occur, defects or any other things that may harm the user experience. The users who access the site do so at their own risk, the owner of the site being not responsible for the misinterpretation of some information on the site or for the erroneous information that may appear.


SC ALEPANERE SRL has copyright on the website and on all the elements (text, image, logo, etc.) on this site. Thus, copying information or images is strictly forbidden without the written consent of SC ALEPANERE SRL.

Final provisions

SC ALEPANERE SRL. May modify any information on the site (including the prices of the products) and from this document, without prior notice to the users.