Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data

SC ALEPANERE SRL endeavors to assure all visitors to the site that their data are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("General Regulation on data protection" or "GDPR") and any other legislation in force on the territory of Romania.

Through this page dedicated to personal data, we want to inform you what data we collect from you and what are the purposes for which we need them.

We reserve the right to make changes to this document whenever we deem fit, without prior notice to users.

Information about SC ALEPANERE SRL

SC ALEPANERE SRL is the owner of the site and all its sub-domains. SC ALEPANERE SRL is a legal person with its registered office in Sat Floresti, Floresti Commune Strada RAZOARE no. 162 A, Scale 1, Apartment 10, Jud. Cluj, with registration number at the Trade Register J12 / 3289/2017 and unique fiscal registration code 37691932.

For any information about the personal data you provide us, please contact us at the email address with the subject "Personal Data".

The types of personal data we process

The personal data that SC ALEPANERE SRL processes can be divided into 3 categories: data obtained after the creation of an account on the website, data necessary for ordering a product and invoicing, data for personalizing the experience of visiting our site .

a) Data obtained after the creation of an account on the site

In order to be able to order a product from the website, users can choose whether or not to make an account. If they choose to make an account, on the next order they will have less data to fill and they will also see an order history. Thus, the users have full control over their correctness. The data entered when creating a new account will be used only by the person who created the account and will not be used by SC ALEPANERE SRL only for the purpose of identifying the person who ordered a particular product.

The data we request when you want to create a new account are as follows:

Surname and forename: represents your first and last name or a generic name that we will use as a form of address when we send the order confirmation email or when we contact you for order confirmation

Email: represents the electronic email address by which we can respond to your requests, send you confirmation messages of the order or any other information regarding the order placed; if it is incorrect, you will not be able to create an account and order products from the site. we assure you that we will respond strictly to your request, without sending you further information about other services we offer.

Password: This is a password that you choose, which you will then log into your account with. It is your responsibility to choose a password that is as secure as possible and to make sure no one else has access to it.

Address form: it is necessary to be able to address us correctly when we send you the order confirmation email or any other type of email or phone contact that is related to your order.

b) Data required to order a product for invoicing

These types of data are required to identify you when you order a product (whether you want to sign up for the site or not) in order to deliver the product and invoice (when you want an invoice and not a tax receipt). These will then be forwarded to the accounting and, some of them, to the persons dealing with the delivery of the ordered products.

Your refusal to provide this data results in the impossibility of ordering the desired products through the site, but only by telephone at the telephone number displayed on the site. You have the responsibility to provide us with 100% valid data for the purposes stated above. The data required to order a product from the site are: name, first name, email, telephone, address, CUI (legal persons), registration number at the trade register (legal persons), postal code, locality.

c) Data for personalizing the experience of visiting the site

The data we process from you when you visit our site are strictly data that can help you have a better viewing experience (for example, the language in which you prefer to visit the site, products similar to which you want to order, the size of the device you are accessing the site from, etc.). We make sure that we do not collect any sensitive data. More information about these can be found in the section Cookies Policy located on our website.

During storage of personal data

Usually, the personal data listed above are kept for an indefinite period (sometimes this period is required by the legislation in force, for example, in the case of invoices), and they do not need to be classified in a database. Billing data can not be deleted. Data on your account are kept indefinitely (eg, name, email, address, products ordered, etc.) in a database with restricted access secured by a password. Upon request, we delete your account and the data associated with it from the database of the site, but we reserve the right to keep certain information if required by law or our legitimate interests.

To whom and where we transmit your personal data

Currently, we process personal data only in Romania. Depending on the situation, the data may be sent to the following recipients, but only in duly justified cases:

- web hosting provider and / or domain registration and additional services

and Accounting

-the staff that deals with delivery and invoicing

- to some public authorities, but only if we are obliged by law to or it is necessary to defend a legitimate interest

Methods on protection of personal data

We are constantly working to improve the methods and means of protecting your data to give you complete security and confidence in the services we provide. At the moment, our site has an SSL certificate which ensures that data is encrypted using HTTPS. We also took organizational measures and databases (where applicable) are secured email and password, as well as the email service.

SC ALEPANERE SRL is not responsible for other vulnerabilities of the computer system, web hosting or similar ones that are not under our control or of our suppliers.

Rights of visitors to our site

At any time, you can ask us for data we collect through the website, to which we transmit, which is the purpose of processing. You can ask to delete information they hold about you (except for the data necessary for billing).

SC ALEPANERE SRL assures you that the data obtained from you are aimed at fulfilling the services we perform (delivering the order from the website, establishing an efficient communication regarding the services we offer and improving experience visiting the site.

Final provisions

SC ALEPANERE SRL reserves the right to modify the content of this document without first notifying the users of the site

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